Little Birdie – Chapter 04

Chapter 04

The caterpillars were flourishing.  All of them were eating and eating, and no matter how many leaves Greg put in to the little bucket he kept them in, they all disappeared.  Tony watched off from the side, and would sometimes make suggestions.  In his words, “I wouldn’t dare touch those creepy crawlies if you paid me a hundred bucks.”  Greg didn’t force him.

He liked the bugs, anyways.  The way their muscles rippled.  It was just so funny-looking.

One time, he got them sticks to crawl on.  Tony had suggested that too.  Before long, there was a jungle gym of wood and leaf.

Everyday, the two friends would spend their time outside and talk.  From caterpillars, they’d moved on to birds then to planes, and on and on.  Tony was like an encyclopedia.  In fact, Greg thought the guy knew things even his Britannica didn’t know about.

He didn’t know why everyone refused to talk to him.  In fact, if there were anyone more shunted by the “popular kids” than Greg, then it was Tony.

That isolation that made them bond closer, and they were attached at the hip.

“Why do they hate us?” asked Greg one day.

“Because you’re bad at sports and you always trip, and when you do, you’re a crybaby,” Tony answered crisply.

Greg frowned at him.

“What, you know it’s true.”

Greg turned away and sat so that he shielded the caterpillars from his friend.

Tony sighed.  “Look on the bright side.  The little guys like you.  Everyone here likes you.”


“Yeah, like, the birds, the trees… I guess?”

“That’s lame,” Greg replied, but he smiled all the same.  He could never be angry for long.

“And I like you too.”

“Yeah, well I don’t like you.”  Greg seemed to have remembered his grudge and swung away again.

Tony ignored him.  “And together, we can take on anything and anyone!”

And again, Greg perked up.  “You think?”




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