The Earth, the Sky, and the Sea

Final Fantasy XII fanfiction

The Earth, the Sky, and the Sea


Judge Dylaneil Njor Bunansa has never much liked his parents, the infamous Sky Pirates Balthier and Fran.  He does not know them well, nor does he wish to.  However, the time finally came to clean out his father’s old study, where Dylaneil comes across an old journal in his father’s hand.

Main Characters:

  • Balthier and Fran.
  • OC – Dylaneil Njor Bunansa (and also various viera maids).


  • OC-ahoy!








  • Telling a story within a story.
  • Parent-child misunderstanding.
  • I know genetics doesn’t work this way, but I really wanted Dylaneil to have pika ears…  Think Feol Viera ears (this story was written before Revenant Wings was made, though).
  • If I remember right, Dylan Eil is a character from Welsh myth who has strong sea implications.  Njor is from Njord, a Norse god of sea (among many, many other things).


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