Careful What You Wish For

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn fanfiction

Careful What You Wish For


To save the Sky, the Mist claimed the blue as his own.  Oh, how he’s yearned to make the Sky his own for so long … but not at this price.  Not like this.

Main Characters:

  • Mukuro and Tsunayoshi.  Ten Years Later.
  • Others from the Vongola family.
  • Maybe some unexplained enemy.  Or maybe Byakuran.


  • Will blatantly ignore canon past halfway through the TYL arc since that’s as far as I’ve paid attention to…
  • Second person POV.
  • Kindasorta pairing of 6927 (MukuroxTsuna).








  • First time writing second person POV.  Also one of my few attempts at slash.  Not really getting there…


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