Ghost Story Behind Bars

Lucky Dog 1 fanfiction

Ghost Story Behind Bars


It’s Halloween night, and how do you celebrate if you’re locked behind bars and there’s no trick-or-treating to be had? Why, a ghost story of course! Gian, Joshua friendship.

Main characters:

  • Gian
  • Joshua


  • slight, very slight graphic descriptions during one part of the ghost story
  • I have never written a single (or heard) a single ghost story in my life.
  • This is a oneshot.

Chapter 1



  • I actually just found this really nice LD1 fanfic on AO3 and it kind of inspired me to write my own.
  • This is the basis for the ghost story: Axe Hollow Murder.  I made some changes to match the time period and to have the story make sense, what with us joining Gian halfway through.



  • I had 2 fanfics on the burner I never worked on, but this one is a third random one I came up with on the fly.  It was from an old idea I had, that Gian would tell Joshua ghost stories on Halloween, but I never really thought about it much.  All the random interactions in the fic were come up with on the fly.
  • This one was written in one night, and I still didn’t make it in time for Halloween.
  • I really … wasn’t trying to work on anything in this fic, but it IS the first time I’ve written anything in a LONG, long time.


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