Beyblade fanfiction



In his battle with Brooklyn, Kai and Dranzer burned up every last ounce of energy until there was nothing left.  When he next woke, Dranzer was gone and he feels a hungering emptiness in his chest sated only by more and more battles … or perhaps for his bit beast’s Black counterpart.

Main Characters:

  • Kai, the others of the G-Revolution team.
  • Dranzer, Black Dranzer.
  • Balkov and Grandfather Hiwatari planned.


  • Will blatantly reference my headcanon on the relationship between Bits, the beasts, and their human partners.
  • Will use Japanese names.
  • Warnings for imagery of addiction and (non-character) death.





  • The bond between a beast and his/her human
  • Episode 49(?) of Beyblade season 3, G-Revolution
  • The desire for some good Beyblade fanfiction (which is in short supply)
  • Dedicated to Sholay, the first and best Beyblade fic author I’ve read as of yet.




  • Goal will be to write … about topics I’ve never written about before.  Problem is, I’ve also never experienced them before: addiction, loss, grieving, healing, and accepting.
  • Team interaction is key in this fic.  I wanted to show them as in-character as possible to their canon (season 1 and 3, admittedly) selves.
  • Three major conflicts.  However, the only external conflict is the one I’m having the most trouble with.
  • Also, I may love the series, but I know jack about the actual blades.  Everything I write on that topic is hopefully plausible BS.


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