The Dragon and His Boy

Bleach fanfiction

The Dragon and His Boy


Hitsugaya has been raised by dragons his whole life, even before he was Shinigami.  Even before he met Hyourinmaru.

Main Characters:

  • Hitsugaya, Hyourinmaru


  • Will blatantly reference my headcanon, though I’ll explain those when they pop up.  Issues include Shinigami aging and Hitsugaya’s grandmother.
  • OC warning.  But he’s a dragon.  A Hollow!dragon.
  • No other warnings.  Some violence, but this is Bleach.



Artist: Sakumo – pixiv ID: 3181817
雨あがりの庭 – Garden after the Rain
“It’s the start of the rainy season.”
Original link here (requires Pixiv account)


  • My goal for this fic is to write the scenes as vividly as possible, with as much imagery as possible.
  • Also, fic will hopefully not be “events are same but plus one character/creature/dragon.”
  • I also want to do something about the “heavenly guardian” aspect of Hitsugaya’s character (that is never explored upon).
  • Finally, I … really don’t like the “I’m a kid acting like an adult” angle for Hitsugaya.  I prefer the “I’m an adult in a kid’s body” angle.  The former makes him rather whiny…

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