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251 species of Pokemon reside in the regions of Kanto and Johto, each with their own unique characteristics and niches in the world. This is a Pokedex compiled from the 5 generations of Pokedex in the games, and one that will focus on how the Pokemon fit into their world, be it with nature, other Pokemon, or human society.

Main Characters:

  • None


  • May be blunt on some topics like survival of the fittest or whatnot, so possible mentions of death.  Also, info dump.
  • Subscribes to the “Pokemon are animals” theory.
  • Assumes everything stated in canon is true in some sense, from Pokeballs to questionable Pokedex entries, so expect funky headcanon linking everything together.
  • This “fic” is actually supposed to link to my other Pokemon fic, which … is to be a grand epic and as such has not been written yet.
  • Sorry, American units used.





  • The Pokedex by Birdboy.  I’ve even borrowed some of the ideas he’s collected (though I’ve placed priorities on canon ones).
  • For help on the way certain attacks come to life, A New Chance at Life by ARCEUS-master and The Guilty and The Innocent by Kasan Soulblade have helped immensely.  For help with the Pokemon coming to life in general, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Silver Resistance by ScytheRider was wonderful inspiration.  The latter, especially, focuses on Pokemon-Pokemon relationship.
  • To be honest, Planet Earth and Life and Blue Planet.
  • The canon Pokedex from all 5 generations, the Pokemon’s ability and Dream World ability, their attacks (including Egg Moves and TM moves), their height/weight, male/female appearance, shiny appearance, their habitation (as stated in Gen 3’s Pokedex) and locations (in all 5 generations) … and anime episodes, such as the Ivysaur migration and Pikachu colony.
  • Various Zerochan art of Pokemon in their natural environment.  Or looking pretty.  Or just being there.  Examples are the images at the top of the page
  • A big thank you to Bona for my animated Pokedex images!!!  Animated sprites from Pokecheck, sprite packs from veekun, and official Pokedex information from Serebii and The Pokemon Database.




  • Evolutions will be bundled together.  Evolutions will be looked at as “a new form they can achieve once they have reached a certain strength / certain conditions are fulfilled.”  It is not necessary.  They will evolve if food is plentiful and conditions are right.  It will help them climb higher in the food chain, but also make their bodies harder to maintain.  But ultimately, it’s different forms of the same species, so the evolutions will be explored together.  The only exceptions are Pokemon who don’t evolve within #251 (like Sneasel or Rhyhorn).
  • Not sure if this will be relevant, but Pokeballs work by determining who is alpha, so to speak.  It is like a show of strength, that you can weaken the Pokemon enough that it won’t break out of a puny ball, and thus the Pokemon respects you.  Of course, this also depends on the Pokemon’s personality.  If the Pokemon’s knocked out, then … it’s not like they know you bested them.  Heck, you knocked them unconscious!  As for how Pokemon fit into balls in the first place … that’s for another day.
  • Pokemon eat other Pokemon.  Fact of life.  Humans eat Pokemon.  Also fact of life.
  • Pokemon understand human speech on varying levels.  Those who’ve grown up with humans can understand most of it, while those who haven’t can at least understand the emotions lying in the intonations of the words.
  • I see breeding as more of a “combining of essence” or a bit of their soul to form an egg.  Like what Angelus and Caim do in Drakengard.  Otherwise, there’s no way the variety of combinations of Pokemon that can breed can work.
  • Shinies are unusual, like albinism (no offense to albino people out there).  Dream World ability Pokemon are just as unusual, like an accidentally beneficial mutation.
  • After looking through all the Pokedexes … I have come to the conclusion that the Pokemon-making team knows nothing about weights.  A 80lb bird cannot fly … but if we account for dragons, then I’ll let that one slide.  However, horses and bulls do not weigh under 200lb, and Wailord only weighs around a ton.  By the large, I will be ignoring the weights if the creators severely underestimated something, but I will try to account for them if they’re overweight (like Pidgeot).  Height doesn’t seem to have the same problem, though.


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