Entry 02 – Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard

Entry 02

Charmander – Hitokage (“Fire Lizard” or “Man Shadow”)
Type: Fire
Habitat: Mountains
Ability: Blaze (Solar Power)
Male-Female: 85-15%
Height: 2’00”
Weight: 18.7lb

Charmeleon – Lizard
Type: Fire
Habitat: Mountains
Ability: Blaze (Solar Power)
Male-Female: 85-15%
Height: 3’07”
Weight: 41.9lb

Charizard – Lizardon (“-odon” is from the Greek word meaning “tooth.”  It’s a common dinosaur name ending.  Alternatively, the Italian Don.)
Type: Fire/Flying
Habitat: Mountains
Ability: Blaze (Solar Power)
Male-Female: 85-15%
Height: 5’07”
Weight: 199.5lb


In the past, Charmanders have always lived close to humans (thus, their name can also be interpreted as “human shadow”).  They usually fed on the scraps while they provided the ever-necessary fire for what was a mutually beneficial relationship.

Charmanders will eat almost anything, although in the wild, they go after Bugs, berries, anything smaller than them.  They can run quickly if they put their mind to it, but they usually use their fire for a long-range surprise attack instead.  As the Charmander evolves, they’ll move onto larger and stronger prey.  However, as Charizards despise fighting those weaker than them (it’s a matter of honor and pride), the larger Pokémon actually don’t eat much more than their smaller counterparts.

The Chars’ natural habitat is the mountains where Zapdos rarely wander (as thunder and rain follow in Zapdos’ wake).  They enjoy living in shallow caves, and it’s a matter of pride that they make them from their own claws and flames.  When they’re young, they don’t have the strength for it, so instead they find old hollowed out caves of Charmeleons and Charizards.  Creating their first is a sort of “rite of age.”

Charmanders rarely stay on the mountain for long, as mountains are inhabited with all sorts of nasty Rock and Ground types.  The very young have parents to care for them.  The older, but still young, have little food unless they journey down to the forests, or unless they learn how to counter rock.  Later, they make the journey back up as Charmeleon.

A Charmander’s tail emits a quiet burning that is inevitable, but it’s designed to be as quiet as possible to avoid predators.  As the Char grows larger, they stop caring and, indeed, even start looking for challenges.  Charmeleon’s tails start growing bright enough that they can be spotted afar from the tops of mountains, so in early times, they served as guiding posts, like lighthouses for land.  Charizards, in the skies, are like streaks of comets as they dive down from high altitudes on their powerful wings and spit out a fireball in a hunt.  This especially holds true for the rare black Charizard, which is almost invisible at night if not for the bolt of flame.

The fire on the Char’s tail is actually abnormally hard to put out.  Dousing in water doesn’t work, nor does high altitude (allowing Charizards to reach heights of 4600ft).  However, the Char feels like it’s choking and drowning.  As they evolve and grow stronger, it takes more to put the flame out.  Looking at it from a logical point of view, this is obvious – when a Char’s flame goes it, the Pokémon dies.

(However, does smothering it make the Char die, or does it go out because the Char died?)

As such, a Char’s flame is a sign of strength and also emotion.  The flame grows larger, hotter, and occasionally blue-white in times of anger and heightened emotion.  As children, they often play-flare to see who has the biggest flame as a game.  As they grow older, this display is used to judge strength because as much as Charizard loves battles, it needs to conserve its energy for the tougher fights.  (Charmeleons don’t really distinguish – they just fight, fight, fight brutally with claws and tail.)

With non-Chars, the Charizard will judge and actively challenge the strong and avoid the weak.  This holds true even for their prey, so they always straddle the thin line of being in danger of starvation.  Thus, the only healthy, powerful Charizard are those who can put aside their pride, face a little humility, and eat.

Not many can do this, though, as all the Chars are by nature proud, arrogant, but chivalrous (the latter characteristic is gained more as they age).  They can be determined and even stubborn in battle.  Charizards are known to avoid forests since they fear causing forest fires and unnecessary deaths, while their other forms don’t particularly care.  In addition, they always try to go for the instant kill, as burns are a cowardly and painful way to win.

It’s amazing the family managed to survive with such a personality, which is perhaps why they’re so rare.  They often die early not from natural causes, but from pride.  Only after growing a strong character and a strong physique can they successfully survive and evolve.  To evolve, they must eat more, but they’re stronger and smarter.

While Charmeleon are vicious and Charizard proud but humble, Charmanders are playful and make great pets on account of being cute and fun.  However, being fire-breathing makes them rather dangerous.  Still, they’re so loved that one of the reasons many trainers have seen one is because of this, as they are rarely spotted in the wild.

Charmander live in groups and often hunt together, but Charmeleon can’t handle company unless they manage to develop a good rival relationship with another Pokémon.  Charizards gather again in loose herds, but they can’t gather in tighter groups because of shortage of food.

Female Chars are actually just as strong as males, but they have less to prove as they’re the ones who do the choosing.  As such, humans rarely catch sight of a female as they’re probably (smartly) hiding away.  Chars, like other Pokémon, consider humans to be strong, so they will actively challenge them (this has been taken advantage of in times of wars) and their Pokémon.

Occasionally, there’s the rare Char that has to avoid the sun unless necessary because their body converts heat so well, they start overheating and burning themselves out with the extra light.

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