Spirit Chronicles

Disclaimer: Everything fantasy-ish related to Spirit Chronicles belongs to me.

Spirit Chronicles is an original story I came up with in the eighth grade and that’s been sitting in my mind since.  I would even hazard to say that it’s the one thing in my life that I would love to see finished more than anything else.  The format will be light novel, or possibly a webcomic (hah, fat chance… *works on non-existent drawing skills*), and I don’t have a ETA for the story.  I’ve planned and planned, but nothing’s really written yet (or rather, I’ve written and then scrapped it, and then written and then scrapped it…).

For future readers, curious wanderers, and for my own personal reference, I’m going to put some notes here.

Summary: Beasts called Spirits roam the land, and some even possess humans at birth, allowing them to use magic.  In such a world, the nation of Seifriel is prospering, flourishing after the Traitor King was overthrown fourteen years ago.  Hix, a mercenary living on the outskirts of the country, has had to scrape by for a living every day of his life.  However, soon unavoidable events breaks this routine lifestyle to pieces as he receives a request that brings him to the capital.  He and his newfound companions – Zephiris, the last survivor of his clan; Kit, a boy searching for his brother; and Hageshi, the prodigy of the assassin clan – each with their own motive, must stay alive while seeking the truth behind the revolution, Hix’s past, and the world.


Hix – Amiable, though distant, at first glance; quiet, awkward at heart.  Ruthlessly practical, will do almost anything to survive, but values life and those that matter to him.  He works as a mercenary, unofficially part of a guild in Cerebraille, the human nation.  He doesn’t get many requests, but he goes through with every request he gets and is very reliable that way, and for it he gets enough to survive.  That’s more than enough for him.

Zephiris – Charismatic, the to-be clan leader of his village before it was burnt to the ground by soldiers.  Excellent at flirtations and generally all around playful with a “enjoy life!” attitude, he actually treasures family and friends very much.  His gentlemanly manner hides the stubbornness of a mule and the memory of an elephant.  Life is for you to enjoy!

Kit – Sweet, quiet, but a cheerful kid who hasn’t really stepped out into the world much.  Rather, he is a bookworm who holes up in his room to avoid the outside world, but he is curious and wants to go out.  He was adopted, but he knows he has a brother somewhere that he’s never met, and he wants to find him, to learn about the only blood relation he knows about.

Hageshi – Driven and quick to anger, he is one of the best assassins available, and his mission is to kill Hix.  That is, he tries, but he has the luck of a gambler in the dumps and so he fails.  He can come off as arrogant and rude, but it’s because he’s brutally honest and doesn’t mince words.  He believes in duty and honor to the family line, and as such he works extremely hard to be someone his family will be proud of.




Spoilers (password protected)


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