Spirit Chronicles Nations


The known world contains of only two continents.

Cerebraille is resided almost entirely by humans.  It is also much smaller than Faunaac, although about the same as one nation.

Faunaac has a much larger Ark population than Cerebraille.  It is comprised of five nations — Azumarque, Crissur, Yennia, Seible, and Faunaac Capital.

The two are separated by the Shadow Woods, which is impassable by Spirits and Arks.  The Shadow Woods border a small area of Azumarque and Crissur.

Both nations are surrounded completely the Guchmarre Ocean up north and by a wide, extensive mountain range surrounding their borders called the Rift.


The land of the Blue Dragon to the East, filled with forests and rolling plains and green.  The people live in villages dotted here and there, each under their own rule.  There is no centralized government.  Agriculture and farming sustains the majority of the people.


The land of the Red Phoenix to the South.  Weather is constantly hot, sometimes deathly dry, and some areas are even desert.  Because crops can rarely be grown, most food is imported.  Crissur prides itself in its libraries and its education.  The cities are run by various aristocrats who come together three times a year for politics.  The dormant volcano is a popular attraction.


The land of the White Tiger to the West.  Towering crags and mountainous terrain rule this land, through which wind howls incessantly.  The mountains are filled with ores, which are kept under close military watch.  Some of the ores are used to forge weapons for their troops to use to keep wannabe invaders out.  The nation is rather secretive, and some districts are even unreachable.


The land of the Black Turtle to the North.  Guchmarre Ocean lies to the North, making this the only border nation not touching the Rift.  The ocean filters through Seible through a large delta, making most of the land floodplains or marsh.  Fishing is of course one of the most important trades, but surprisingly so is music, which is honed through religious worship.  One priest – the Hierophant – stands at the head of the nation.  His word is transmitted through to all the other priests outposted throughout Seible.  It is said that the Hierophant speaks with the Planet and can predict the future extremely accurately.

Faunaac Capital

The land of the Yellow Dragon of Balance.  Faunaac Capital lies in the center of the four border nations and is surrounded by a stone wall.  Within this wall, all trade is allowed, and merchants gather to peddle their goods from their lands.  This centralized trading is the only simple way inhabitants of one nation can obtain goods from another nation.  There are no real permanent inhabitants of the Capital.

The Capital is also where the royal family resides.  The monarchy is charged with  mediating peace between Humans and Arks, and the laws created by them supersede those of the nations when dealing with trade or transport.  The laws must be acknowledged by whatever leader is in position in the nation.  (Laws applying to Azumarque are decided by a village council consisting of leaders of at least 10 different villages.)


Most of the inhabitants are Humans, but some Arks still live in the area.  Despite the relatively small size and lack of trade with Faunaac (notwithstanding smuggled goods), the weather is very temperate and so the nation prospers.  There is one large city, where the central government lies, and fanning out from it are dots of villages.  The villages exist fine, but the capital is tumultous for inhabitants.

It is also the only place Magic is practiced, and technology here is far more advanced than elsewhere because of it.  The Shadow Woods prevents it from being brought into Faunaac, though, for whatever reason.


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