Spirit Chronicles World

Fragments & Elements

Spirits & Arks & Humans

Gods & Dragons


The atoms that make up the world – everything is made up Fragments, from inanimate objects to living things to fire to air.

Elements are the mobilization of Fragments at will – it is comparable to Human Magic.  Using Elements consumes Fragments – or rather, Elements is the manipulation of Fragments, and so they are used when to perform the directed task.  For example, creating a fireball would expel Fire Fragments.

“An Element” can refer to a way of using the Fragments or to a type of Fragment.  An example of the former is, shooting a fireball is different from using Fire Fragments to heat up metal.

Different things are made of different Fragments.  Each living thing must maintain a base number of Fragments to survive.  Below that, and bodily functions start malfunctioning.

Only Spirits and Arks can use Elements.  Humans must rely on other methods to control Fragments, which is called Magic.

Fragments are separated into nine Elements:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Earth
  • Light
  • Dark

Light Fragments make up all life, and is what living organism’s bodies are composed of.  It is “life,” as when the organism dies, the Fragments transform into Earth Fragments.  It is the most versatile of Fragments in that it can be transformed into any other Element, though it requires some force.  When a Spirit or Ark uses Elements, they are using up their own reserve of Fragments.  Only a Spirit or Ark of a certain Element alignment can transform their Light Fragments to that Element without force.  Otherwise, it requires mental concentration that is beyond usual human comprehension and a number of Light Fragments to use as “energy” to transform that number of Light Fragments into the desired Element.

Fragments are gained through regular bodily functions such as breathing and eating.  It is also possible to use one’s surroundings to absorb the Fragments.

Spirits & Arks & Humans

Spirits are giant beasts.  They are extremely rare now, but in the past they roamed the lands.  Each Spirit can usually only use one specific Element, although there are rare ones who can use two types.  Their intelligence is that of humans, perhaps more, but they cannot speak their language.  Animals of their species naturally yield to them.

Arks are humans that were born with the power of a Spirit.  The Element they can perform rely on what Spirit “possessed” them.  It is also possible to transform into a Spirit form, but this leaves them mentally confused, and they no longer have the fast healing power they naturally have as Arks.  Like Spirits, they also get along with animals of their species.

Humans cannot control Fragments.  They are also small, compared to Spirits.  It is for this reason that Arks have large reserves — even larger than their Spirit counterparts.  After all, only a small amount is needed to maintain themselves as humans, so the rest is free to be used.

Spirits and Arks are fatally wounded by Areillon, while Humans are unharmed.  The only exception are Metal Spirits.

Gods & Dragons

They are said to create the world.

The Gods number five – the Blue Dragon, the Crimson Phoenix, the Black Turtle, the White Tiger, and the Yellow Dragon.  Each of these have a nation named after them and built in their honor.  It is said that they had a direct hand in their creation.

The Dragons number nine – one for each Element.  They were rulers of their Element and were purely composed of that Element’s Fragments, and thus violently affected their environment.  For example, the land near where the Fire Dragon resided is now a volcanic area.


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