Finals week

I have been remiss in updating a post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t updated the site.  Ivan’s route chapter 9 parts 1-7 have been uploaded.

This week was amazing.  I have a final presentation next week, so I thought my project paper’d be due then.  Nope, it’s due today, which was also when another project was due.  Which I, of course, had been planning to work on on that week.  Cue cramming.

Birthday’s come and passed.  My mom had to remind me it was coming.  My friend at school actually got me a present.  I was surprised.

But yes, main order of business.  Finals next week.  No LD update.  Not unless I want to die.

IFG is … hm.  Fun.  Short.  Really short.  Lots of crack.  A bit wtf.  I dunno, I’m actually a bit disappointed, but I suppose it’s the power of fandom that I still like it despite that.

Wow I type short sentences when I’ve only slept 40 min.


Requests <- How you can help me on LD1

Ivan route 09-04

Ivan route 09-05

Ivan route 09-06

Ivan route 09-07

Arcana Famiglia information section (to celebrate the upcoming sequel)

Song translations:

-ERROR (Lily)

Kioku (Younha)

(Also taking part in the sasakure.UK contest, but can’t post that translation here yet.)

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Destroy the World for Gian info and Colors!

With the recent update on the Tennenouji site, information on We Will Destroy the World for Gian! (abbreviated IFG for “If For Gian”) has been uploaded.  Not everything’s up, but there’s probably going to be a lot of information from now until its release in 3 days.

That being said, I’ve uploaded a simple-ish translation of the information available on the main site.

3 days left!  3 days left!

Also, I love the  Colors! Live gallery, which showcases art created by the program Colors!, available for the iPhone/iTouch, DS, and, most recently, for the 3DS.  Great for artists looking for inspiration / techniques, since everything uploaded there comes with a playback video that shows how the painting / drawing was created.

My current favorite is Munin’s stuff.  An example is:, whose picture is below.  This was drawn on the DS.


We Will Destroy the World for Gian! information


Colors! 3D “playtest” – a 3DS application that is basically a miniature Photoshop that also works with 3D

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Digimon World (PS1) <- Yes, I gave in.  Finally.

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We will destroy the world for Gian! demo impressions

I wasn’t about to post anything until I finished Part 2 completely (2 chapters left) for Ivan’s route, but since the demo came out, I couldn’t help but write up impressions for it…

Also, I’m going to upload a FAQ for questions that people ask again and again in my comments.

Fortune Summoners playtest has been up on Siliconera for a while.  I just forgot about it.

What else … Entropy is up and running again (finally), so we’re looking to restart translating stuff.  The new chapter was released for Valentine’s Day, Shibutani-kun Tomo ni Kai vol. 5 ch. 24.

Finally, I’ll take suggestions for translations on Vocaloid songs.  Any of them, by any of them.  I have a preference for Len and Rin songs, and for mothyP and hitoshizukuP, but, anything, really, so long as you have either the lyrics or the PV.  (Sorry, but I can’t understand the songs aurally even WITH the lyrics, let along without.)


Lucky Dog 1 chapter 6 Ivan route, chapters 1-3

We will destroy the world for Gian! demo impressions

Later this week:


Lucky Dog 1 chapter 6 Ivan route, chapters 4-5

Lucky Dog 1 chapter 7 Ivan route, chapter 1

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Background information on Mafia uploaded

Today’s a different sort of update.  I basically summarized and compiled what’s on several Wikipedia sites and one other site into what I hope is a simple but comprehensive entry on the Mafia and some phrases they use.  This admittedly makes me want to re-go over my translations, but that’s for another day.

Also uploaded some more Uta*Prince lyrics.

Last final is tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

content added!

For the first time, I have added actual content!  It’s just about a movie I saw today, J. Edgar, but hey, it’s something.

Got Skyward Sword yesterday and played a bit of that.  I love the rich expressions.

Uta*Prince is releasing a new game called Uta*Prince Music.  I’m … not very surprised the limited edition is already sold out.
Working on the Lucky Dog 1 translations still, but … eh, slow and steady.

Current Projects:

  • Fanfiction: Vocaloid – Baku, Pokemon
  • Game: Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii), Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (DS), Uta*Prince (PSP), GianCarlo’s Happy Lucky Life (PC)
  • Anime: NA
  • Books: NA

obligatory greeting post


terracannon876 here.  This shall be a blog for storing my writings, as well as the writings of friends.  This includes both fanfiction, original fiction, and fanfiction of both fanfiction and original fiction and possibly artworks of said fiction.

This also includes private translation projects I have, including prospective translations of the Japanese light novels Baccano! and Durarara!! by Narita Ryougo.  I’m also hoping to create a fan translation of Lucky Dog 1.

I may end up posting some crazy rants here too, based on anime or movies I’ve seen.  Rants on video games will not be included here because I am also one of the writers for Siliconera as well, so please visit that site instead (we need all the traffic we can get!).  Older games (i.e. ones before 2009) may have rants posted on this site.

Hopefully, I will end up compiling a “library” of fanfiction I like as well.  Maybe I’ll also create a small section based on trivia and topics that interest me, such as mythology, philosophy, etc.

I believe this is all I have planned for this site.  I’ll probably never finish, but … here’s to hoping!

~terra signing off

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