Luchino update

Whoohoo!! *belly flops*

Happy US day, Canada day, xyz country Independence Day, and/or just happy July!  Hope everyone’s having a great summer vacation or summer holiday!  Stay cool!

Here are the next day of events for Luchino!

Hope you enjoy!

Lucky Dog 1 10th Anniversary!

Just wanted to drop a note that…

It’s (or, it was) LD’s 10th anniversary on June 10, 2019!

Congratulations to tennenouji!

I don’t usually link to shops, but here’s some 10th anniversary goods, courtesy of Stellaworth.

Currently working on the next Luchino section.  Thank you for being patient.  Until next time!


Slight change to blog

Some may have noticed that earlier this weekend, the blog was down for a time.  This is because of … let’s just say, User Guidelines conflicts.  It has now been resolved and the blog can continue as before, but with one caveat.  I will still translate NSFW scenes, but I won’t be posting (full?) NSFW images on the blog anymore.  The first instance will have a white image (TBD), and then I’ll just leave out all of the changing expressions and image variations until the end of the scene.  The text won’t be edited.

While I know that a lot of the draw is the NSFW, I hope people will still enjoy the translation regardless of this change.  Thanks y’all.

Luchino route update!

Is it finally here?!  The … first NSFW in Chapter 3??

Thanks for being patient!

bad egg+ release message

Released on twitter on Dec. 27, 2018:

Suganuma Kyouji:

Please pardon me.  I am in charge of the scenario for Lucky Dog +bad egg.  Unworthy though I may be, this is Suganuma Kyouji.  The completion of the script and story of +bad egg was delayed due to personal reasons and other issues, and the release and sale of the game was detained for many years.  I would like to apologize for this again.  I am deeply sorry for this.

And so … finally, the release day of +bad egg has finally come!!

This is also thanks to everyone’s patronage and support.  I am deeply grateful to everyone and would like to thank everyone again.

To the fans of Lucky Dog 1, to everyone involved, thank you very much!!

Also … to everyone who has purchased +bad egg, it would be the greatest wish of I, who am not worthy, for everyone to enjoy the story of Daivan, Gian, and everyone else.  I hope everyone can relish the unfolding of the fiercely grand way one man – Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte – lives his life, surpassing even “luck,” in this corner of the world claimed by Daivan; and the fate of others around him at the turn of the 20th century as they are exposed, beaten, and then drawn together into one story by this one man’s way of life and “luck.”


I am sorry for making everyone wait for such a long time.

On December, 28, 2018, Lucky Dog +bad egg has finally safely made it out of the gates.  I would like to thank everyone involved, starting with Suganuma and Jinnai and including the precious support of everyone involved and the staff, for making this possible.  Additionally, the continued survival of Tennenouji to this day is thanks to the players who have earnestly supported us.  I am deeply thankful to everyone for their patronage and support over this long period of time, and at the same time I hope everyone can at least glean a little enjoyment from Lucky Dog 1 +bad egg.

Like with the original Lucky Dog 1, the strategy of the Prison Escape part is a bit difficult to parse out…  I wish everyone the best of luck in guiding Gian to a successful jailbreak and in guiding him in a good direction.

I pray that after 8 years of incubation, Lucky Dog 1 +bad egg can be a beloved game to all.

Lucky Dog 1 discord

So … a Lucky Dog 1 discord channel exists (complete with bad egg spoilers but please don’t share those with me lol) if anyone wants to join 🙂


bad egg+ tidbits: scenes 05

…And sorry, we’re right back to angst, haha.

Last batch!  More CR:5 and Giulio and … Gian’s backstory!  Gian’s parentage has actually been brought up in multiple Short Stories (SS) before, but never stated explicitly except in the first LD1 art book.  For those who don’t know, Gelsomina is Gian’s mom’s name.

I think this is going to be the last batch, though there’s one more message from tennenouji I want to work on 🙂


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