Luchino Part 2 Complete!!

Much the same case as Part 1, there was much less to translate in this part than in the actual start of Luchino’s route. Unfortunately, this means that this pace definitely won’t keep up. Fortunately, this means that you get Part 2, which includes the first (2) *ahem* scenes.

So … here are the pages with major scenes.  And here is the menu.



More bad egg+ info

A lot of things came out with the latest issue of Cool-B.  First was the release of more bad egg+ info.  This time, the article focused on comparing previously released CG (at least, I THINK all of the ones they showed were ones shown before.  I recognize 4 of them?) with the redone widescreen CG.  It really is fascinating what changed between the images – sometimes it’s just a wider image (like the one with Bakshi) but sometimes it’s a completely different angle, like the one with Bakshi and Giulio.

0mndAIoQ5r8     2016-10-25_23-05-54

Scan quality isn’t the best, but thanks so much to Debono for providing them!  Out of curiosity, does anyone have the scans for Cool B issues Nov 2015, Sept 2015, Sept 2013, and/or May 2014?  Or any other ones that have LD1 bad egg+ info?  I’m trying to find the scans from before, but they’re a bit hard to track down.  (Those might not be all of the issues.  I’m just listing the ones I found.  If there are others, those would be wonderful, too!)

Second was the results of that BL contest from a while ago.



I admit, though, I had quite a bit of fun translating the quotes for the other characters.  Admittedly, they don’t belong in the bad egg+ prerelease information section, but the translations are there because the rest of the magazine info is there, too, so … you can find the results as well as the translations for the thank you quotes from the characters there.  (I really want to check out Galtia and Si-Nis Kanto and Tokyo Onmyouji and re-check out Taishou Mebiusline now.  Actually, I’m really surprised at how well TM did.  I love the game, but it’s basically a second LD1 in terms of being a dark horse.)

OK, now that that break’s over, back to Luchino Part 2…

Lucky Dog 1 pre-release information


Luchino Part 1 Complete!

Hey all!

So., immediately after finishing Bernardo, we get a head start on Luchino’s route.  Parts 1 and 2 shouldn’t take too, too long to finish.  Some of you may have already flipped through Luchino’s menu recently, which is now in the side bar now, and found that links have appeared for Part 1.  Yep, all of Part 1 has been uploaded!  I’ll put the links for the sections unique to Luchino below.  It’s not too much, but we finally get more of our favorite ginger lion.

Also, I got scans for the latest Cool-B magazine, so I’ll put up the newest bad egg+ information as well as the results for the voting at some point.  There’s some really interesting information on the old vs. new CG (from over the course of the BE+ development).

Lucky Dog 1 bad egg+ info

With Cool’s B issue 89 (two prior to the BL contest reveal, I believe … whose results are out, by the way) came a bevy of new information about Bad Egg+.  Because of this, I’ve finally updated the prerelease info page I have for the expansion (which, by the way, is more or less its own game now).  In it, I’ve updated it with the previous info we received … 3? years ago (I’msosorryforthetardiness), the character art, the new CGs, translations for the story blurbs that go with the CG, and a summary of the interview from Yura and Suganuma in the summary.  All of this will have to be reorganized later, but for now … here it is.

Prerelease info page

(It’s also come to my attention that the images don’t link to larger, full size versions of themselves anymore.  I’ve re-enabled it for the CGs and the character art and also for Bernardo’s last CGs in the last update, but I’m not sure how far back the problem goes…  I’ll fix it when I come across it.

And here’s a sample for lulz.  And because he is pretty.


Bernardo route complete!

Well, it’s been 3? long years since I started Bernardo’s route, and the nigh unthinkable has happened.

I finished it.


Have a Happy Birthday to Gian (I FINALLY made one of those damn anniversaries / birthdays) and have a happy ending with Bernardo.  All you loyal fans deserve it.  Thanks so much for reading so far.

One more route to go~

(I also need to post some stuff on Bad Egg+, what with all the info coming out…)

(Also, there have been some problems with WordPress formatting lately.  All the portraits in this update will be consistent in size, but larger than they were in previous chapters.  Sorry in advance if it looks bad ._.)

Contest update

I almost feel guilty.  I feel like we kinda broke the Cool-B contest XD

Or rather,  I’m sure it’s not JUST because of the English speaking community that Lucky Dog 1 is demolishing everything in the Cool-B contest, but it sure feels like that, haha.  And for that, thank you so much for voting!

Basically, the Cool-B contest released interim results in their latest Vol. 68, whose images are shown below, and Lucky Dog 1 tops almost every category!  I was really happy, but also note the points that Lucky Dog 1 has compared to the other categories.  Good job, everyone ;D

The contest ends August 3rd, and the results will be posted in Vol. 70.  Until then, let’s spread the word and keep it up!  And if you haven’t voted yet, please consider voting!  The instructions are in the previous post below.

To celebrate this, and the recent 7th anniversary (on June 10), a good friend Sprinkles put together a nice image.  Thank you, Sprinkles!

Contest results:

1465219341073     1465219611191

In general, Lucky Dog 1 is first, and Taishou Mebiusline is second, and a Nitro+Chiral game is third.  (I’m really excited for Taishou Mebiusline, too.  That’s a more recent favorite of mine, though I felt some of the story points lacked some … polish?  Oomph?  Punch?)

(Unofficial) 7th Anniversary Poster:




So, finally, we have some new updates, and also a bit of a favor to ask everyone.

Well, first, here’s what all … maybe … some … a few?  of you?  have been waiting for.

Special thanks to Trish to always encouraging me ^^  And Sprinkles for always bringing me LD news, and Debono for always ribbing me about VN news, and Scoots for always reminding me about how much she loves the VAs.  And thanks to all the readers who have left comments during the hiatus and who still love this project who haven’t returned but hopefully will return.  Sorry for the long delay, and hopefully you enjoy the post!

Now, for the favor 😛

For those familiar with visual novels, or particularly, BL visual novels, there’s a magazine called Cool-B that holds a poll every year for BL games.  It’s been many years since Lucky Dog 1’s release, but despite that, Gian has almost always been listed as one of the favorite BL game protagonists for the past years (that I’ve checked).  tennenouji hope to continue keeping LD relevant, and winning the poll for top BL game would be a great boost.  (They also hope to release bad egg+ this year in time, but … no, I must stay positive ^^; )

The poll can be found here.  It’s all in Japanese, of course, so I’ll put down the categories and how to use the poll.

The categories, in the order they appear, are as follows:

  • BLゲーム大賞 – BL game grand prize
  • 主人公部門 – Protagonist (the character you play as)
  • キャラクター部門 – Character (includes romance options and side characters. Does not include protagonist)
  • シナリオ部門 – Story
  • ビジュアル部門 – Visuals (take into account illustrations and CG)
  • 音楽部門 – Music

Here are the fields to enter, in the order they appear (left to right, top to down).

  • お名前(ペンネーム可) – Name (Pseudonym accepted) (Note that this is obligatory)
  • メールアドレス – Email address
  • 作品番号 – Product number
  • リスト – List
  • 選考理由 – Reason for choosing this game/character

For the categories for characters, there’s an extra field.

  • 主人公名 – Protagonist name
  • キャラクター名 – Character name

So, the process goes like this

  • Open the list under リスト field.  (It will open in a new window).  This list has the name of every BL game published, its creator, the date of release, the system, and its rating.
  • Enter the number on the very left (under 番号) into the field labeled 作品番号 or Product Number.
  • For categories for characters, enter the name of the character you want to vote for.
  • Enter the reason you picked your option in the 選考理由 field.  (English should be fine.)

Note that all of these categories, other than your name, are optional, so if you don’t want to vote in a category or if you don’t want to type a reason, don’t.  (But it would be helpful if you did vote for everything 🙂 )

Here are the relevant information for Lucky Dog 1.

  • ラッキードッグ1 – Lucky Dog 1 (Number: 205)
  • Gian・carlo’s LUCKY HAPPY LIFE – (Number: 92)
  • ジャンのためなら世界を壊す – If for Gian (Number: 93)
  • ジャン – Gian
  • ベルナルド – Bernardo
  • ルキーノ – Luchino
  • ジュリオ – Giulio
  • イヴァン – Ivan
  • バクシ – Bakshi
  • ロイド – Lloyd
  • ジョシュア – Joshua

Also, I know that maybe you want to vote for some of the many other games out there.  I respect your choice, so here are some other possible results, too.  (Just the games, though.  I don’t know some of these games well enough to know the names of the characters, though I can look it up if you ask).

  •  Silver Chaos and its sequel: 81 and 1
  • Enzai: 21
  • Omerta: 30
  • Kamisama School, Alley: 42, 43
  • Gakuen Heaven: 49
  • Kichiku Megane, R: 58, 59
  • Si-Nis-Kanto: 78
  • Shingakkou: 87
  • sweet pool: 95
  • Sukisyo 1, 2, 3, 4: 97, 98, 99, 101
  • Taishou Mebiusline: 122
  • Togainu no Chi: 136
  • DRAMAtical Murder, re:connect: 141, 142
  • NO, THANK YOU!!: 150
  • Miracle Not-on, expansion: 189, 190
  • Messiah: 195
  • Lamento: 209
  • Daylight: 138
  • Absolute Obedience: 112

If you don’t see your game on here, you can ask me in the comments.  Note, though, that some games aren’t on this list.  (For example, I looked, but cage simply isn’t on there.)

Here is the link again, and with all that said, thank you for reading, and thank you for voting, and hope to see you guys soon in another update!

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