Lucky Dog Part 2 complete!

Lucky Dog 1 Part 2: Escape is complete!  This means I’m about halfway through with Ivan’s route!

The next part I’ll be translating the normal route for Ivan.  Why not the best route?  Because I feel it’ll be better to have something to build up towards.  Besides, in Ivan’s case, the two routes are almost exactly the same.

Also, I’ve uploaded a library section and a links section.  The library’s basically a collection of my favorite AMVs and fanfics and other stuff, and the links are my fave / suggested links.  They’re currently barebones, but the library section’s got Lucky Dog 1 AMVs, if anyone’s interested.  A few of them were only available on Niconico, so I’d uploaded them to Youtube.

Now I have to get going on everything else…  Haven’t done the FAQ yet, either … *mumble*…

My sister just got engaged, so we’re playing “meet the future son-in-law’s family” tomorrow.  I’m so screwed, homework-wise…


Lucky Dog 1 chapter 6 Ivan route 4

Lucky Dog 1 chapter 6 Ivan route 5

Lucky Dog 1 chapter 7 Ivan route 1

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