Luchino Ch 9 pt 1

Bit off more than I could chew with this chapter of Luchino’s route and ended up translating way more than I could update.  Hope you enjoy!


Lucky Dog 1 bad egg+ Release Date and other info

Tennenouji held good on their promise to release in 2018.  Release date is December 28, 2018.  Site can be found here.  This site contains all the information that’s appeared in Cool B magazine releases thus far, such as plot, CG, and new character details.

Additionally, preordering from the Tennenouji shop will net the original soundtrack, while preordering from either Stellaworth or Animate or Seagull will get preorder SS (along with a lot of other goods).

Sharp eyes will notice something else that’s different.  Unfortunately, due to the 8 years it took to release this expansion, the voice actors are going to all be different.  While this is incredibly sad – a huge part of the spirit of LD1 is the voice acting – I’m sure the new cast members will pour their heart and soul into this performance as well.  Just skimming the voice actors (I’m not familiar with VA pseudonyms), it seems that Giulio’s is the same.  Others can be easily searched with Google.  I am not 100% sure about these since I don’t usually search for these, but hopefully I have them right.

Another update is that this will run on Windows 7-10 and Mac OSX (post-10.9).  This means that since bad egg+ is an expansion of LD1, this will be the first time that LD1 (the main game, not the iOS port) will be playable on Mac PCs.

ジャンカルロ・ブルボン・デル・モンテ【CV:佐和真中】- Gian – Nakazawa Masatomo
ベルナルド・オルトラーニ【CV:Ash】- Bernardo – Kousaka Atsushi
ルキーノ・グレゴレッティ【CV:テトラポット登】- Luchino – Furukawa Makoto
ジュリオ・ディ・ボンドーネ【CV:蒼井夕真】- Giulio – Iguchi Yuuichi
イヴァン・フィオーレ【CV:冬ノ熊肉】- Ivan – Kumagai Kentarou
バクシー・クリステンセン【CV:広山和重】- Bakshi – Masuda Toshiki (he has a name this time!)
ラグトリフ・フェルフーフェン – Ragtliffe – ??? (again??)
ヴァルター・ノイラート【CV:河村眞人】- Walter – Yamanaka Masahiro
ランドルフォ・メイスフィールド【CV:ジンジャー東雲】- Randolf – ??? (no idea)
リッカルド・コロンナ【CV:千渡レナド】- Renardo – ??? (no idea)
メフィスト(キリヒト)・テシカガ【CV:茶介】- Mephisto (Mefisto?) – Katou Masayuki

All in all, my overall feeling is one of “They actually did it!”  Congratulations, Tennenouji!

Luchino Part 2 Complete!!

Much the same case as Part 1, there was much less to translate in this part than in the actual start of Luchino’s route. Unfortunately, this means that this pace definitely won’t keep up. Fortunately, this means that you get Part 2, which includes the first (2) *ahem* scenes.

So … here are the pages with major scenes.  And here is the menu.


More bad egg+ info

A lot of things came out with the latest issue of Cool-B.  First was the release of more bad egg+ info.  This time, the article focused on comparing previously released CG (at least, I THINK all of the ones they showed were ones shown before.  I recognize 4 of them?) with the redone widescreen CG.  It really is fascinating what changed between the images – sometimes it’s just a wider image (like the one with Bakshi) but sometimes it’s a completely different angle, like the one with Bakshi and Giulio.

0mndAIoQ5r8     2016-10-25_23-05-54

Scan quality isn’t the best, but thanks so much to Debono for providing them!  Out of curiosity, does anyone have the scans for Cool B issues Nov 2015, Sept 2015, Sept 2013, and/or May 2014?  Or any other ones that have LD1 bad egg+ info?  I’m trying to find the scans from before, but they’re a bit hard to track down.  (Those might not be all of the issues.  I’m just listing the ones I found.  If there are others, those would be wonderful, too!)

Second was the results of that BL contest from a while ago.



I admit, though, I had quite a bit of fun translating the quotes for the other characters.  Admittedly, they don’t belong in the bad egg+ prerelease information section, but the translations are there because the rest of the magazine info is there, too, so … you can find the results as well as the translations for the thank you quotes from the characters there.  (I really want to check out Galtia and Si-Nis Kanto and Tokyo Onmyouji and re-check out Taishou Mebiusline now.  Actually, I’m really surprised at how well TM did.  I love the game, but it’s basically a second LD1 in terms of being a dark horse.)

OK, now that that break’s over, back to Luchino Part 2…

Lucky Dog 1 pre-release information


Luchino Part 1 Complete!

Hey all!

So., immediately after finishing Bernardo, we get a head start on Luchino’s route.  Parts 1 and 2 shouldn’t take too, too long to finish.  Some of you may have already flipped through Luchino’s menu recently, which is now in the side bar now, and found that links have appeared for Part 1.  Yep, all of Part 1 has been uploaded!  I’ll put the links for the sections unique to Luchino below.  It’s not too much, but we finally get more of our favorite ginger lion.

Also, I got scans for the latest Cool-B magazine, so I’ll put up the newest bad egg+ information as well as the results for the voting at some point.  There’s some really interesting information on the old vs. new CG (from over the course of the BE+ development).

Lucky Dog 1 bad egg+ info

With Cool’s B issue 89 (two prior to the BL contest reveal, I believe … whose results are out, by the way) came a bevy of new information about Bad Egg+.  Because of this, I’ve finally updated the prerelease info page I have for the expansion (which, by the way, is more or less its own game now).  In it, I’ve updated it with the previous info we received … 3? years ago (I’msosorryforthetardiness), the character art, the new CGs, translations for the story blurbs that go with the CG, and a summary of the interview from Yura and Suganuma in the summary.  All of this will have to be reorganized later, but for now … here it is.

Prerelease info page

(It’s also come to my attention that the images don’t link to larger, full size versions of themselves anymore.  I’ve re-enabled it for the CGs and the character art and also for Bernardo’s last CGs in the last update, but I’m not sure how far back the problem goes…  I’ll fix it when I come across it.

And here’s a sample for lulz.  And because he is pretty.


Bumming days…

Yawn…  I’m going to try something different this time and post before I update, since the updates’ll come in a bit.  After my graduation in Jan., I’ve mostly just been bumming to Tales of Vesperia and Fire Emblem Awakening, but now I have to … gasp … start working o_o  …And studying for a certification exam that I’m half-convinced is useless.  Bwuh.

Soo nervous about the new job, though.  Only person in a position that usually works as a team elsewhere, but the research division in the hospital is really small, so they don’t need more than one biostatistician.  Here’s to hoping things go OK ><

Have fun with the updates when they come.  They should be up this week. (edit: Or I could do it all in one day…)



  • Fire Emblem Awakening mini-features: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – A series of articles on the many features of Fire Emblem Awakening.  I highly recommend this game to anyone who has (or don’t have) a 3DS simply because it’s an excellent introduction to strategy RPG and the Fire Emblem series in general because of its Casual mode.  Also, great characters and great fantasy story for those who like fantasy (if not a bit simple).
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