Lucky Dog 1 translations 00-01

Part 0



1932.  The United States of America.

More than 10 years have passed since the close of the Great War in Europe, a period of remarkable economic growth across the land.

This place, bottoming the south of its state, is Daivan, a trade city that has history stretching far back to the time of the Colonies.

Many European immigrants and their descendents inhabit the city, and among them many Italians.


For this reason, the Italian criminal society we call the Mafia has had a long time to sink its roots into Daivan.

The Mafia promotes and exploits all sorts of activity, legal and illegal, encompassing everything from urban development, investment, and liaisons to assassination, prostitution, drugs and moonshine.

Wading neck-deep in the illegal of the illegal and the profitable of the profitable while still valuing honor is one of the Mafia’s many idiosyncrasies.


…they have laws – the Omertà.  Violators of this code … are punishable by death.  A family’s ties are strong.  Almost no one knows its inner workings.

They inherited the traditions of secret societies long past, and, backed by their numerous laws, they protect their family name.

As various families squabble over various privileges and rights to both the respectable and disrespectable sides of Daivan, one Mafia family has continued to stand guard over the Italian immigrants since before the war.  Its name is the Toscanini Family.

No one knows exactly when the members of the family abandoned their traditional name and began to call themselves the “CR:5.”

The origin of the CR:5 tattoo, printed on the bodies of all made members, raises many speculations.  The information is closed to outsiders, for its secrets are protected by their code.

The current boss of the CR:5 is Alessandro del Salto.  Under him, young, highly talented captains apply themselves to the fullest of their capabilities.

With their territory extending almost entirely through Daivan, the CR:5 has been heading for an expansion of power and has amassed a great amount of wealth during the enforcement of the national Prohibition.  However…

…a sudden string of arrests has raised roars of confusion and chaos throughout the underworld.

“Extra!  Extra!  Is this the end of the CR: 5?!”

Captain Ivan Fiore, arrested at the scene for assault and battery.

Captain Bernardo Ortolani, arrested for numerous financial crimes.

Captain Luchino Gregoretti, arrested for assisting illegal immigrants and smuggling narcotics.

Captain Giulio di Bondone, arrested for murder.

These four, the youngest captains of the Mafia organization CR:5 have been incarcerated, one after another.

This is the first time a scandal of such scale has ever been heard of, and the news has even crossed state borders.

However, as the CR:5 ready themselves to overcome their impending dissolution, word of the street is that the very “laws” so characteristic of the Mafia are hampering any investigations into the matter…

“It seems all is according to plan…  However, it looks like we’ve wasted quite a bit of time.”

“Those bastards Ortolani and Gregoretti caused quite a bit of trouble.”

“Those two are of the older generation.  Once they caught wind, they’d taken action.  But, in the end, they were too young.  With this, change will come…”

“Everything will change at once.  …In the meantime, have you looked into the rumor?”

“Yes.  We’ve verified it.  There’s no mistake the information is true.”

“Damn that Alessandro.  We should have killed him when we had the chance…”

“We’ll kill him once everything’s over.  There’s no rush.  We already have his weakness.”

“The ‘Lucky Dog’?  Hah!  Why don’t we see if he’s so lucky now?  Let’s have him show us this so-called luck.”

“That little brat can’t do a thing.”

“Don’t let your guard down.  Keep a close eye on him.”

Onto Prologue – Gian >>


22 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. terracannon876
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 10:32:20

    Is it all right if I delete the comments about your typoes after I’ve made them? I don’t want to seem rude by doing it without you knowing. They do flood the page, though, and are irrelevant after I’ve fixed them.



  2. Li
    Jan 12, 2012 @ 02:52:13

    I have no problem with this. That way I will also know they have been fixed too. 😀



  3. Sasuke
    May 25, 2012 @ 18:14:55

    Thank you so much for your work. You did a great job. Now I can already play it, I’m so exited xD



  4. allycat
    Jul 19, 2012 @ 23:35:32

    I’m sooooo happy that your doing all this hard work and appreciate it greatly! Right now I’m new to the whole gaming scene, so I’m pretty far behind and i came across this game by chance! Reading this so far has convinced me that I have to play this game! Thank you so very much!



    • terracannon876
      Jul 20, 2012 @ 02:05:45

      You can never be late to gaming! IT’S FOR ALL AGES \o/

      …Well, not this one. This one’s for over 18 only, but you get what I mean XD

      How did you happen upon this translation, if you don’t mind me asking?

      Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!



      • allycat
        Jul 20, 2012 @ 14:02:04

        Google! I typed in “lucky dog 1 translation” and yours was the second down. I’m really glad I found your site. I was very impressed with how organized and detailed your site is! My sister just recently taught me how to use “bookmark” and yours was one of the first ones I added! I also took a look at some of the youtube videos in your library and had a blast watching them. Sorry my comments are so long, but there’s just so many things about the site that I like! I’ll try to restrain myself in the future.



        • terracannon876
          Jul 20, 2012 @ 17:46:37

          Don’t be sorry about long comments. You should see done of mine. Long comments make me happy anyways =p

          Ah, google. I thought when you said you came upon the game accidentally, you’d meant that you came upon this blog somehow and learned of the game here. It’s be cool if that were true XD



  5. LiloMi
    Feb 08, 2013 @ 18:59:33

    I think that I just stumbled across one of the best site/blogs ever. Asdfghjkl.
    On a side note, idiosyncrasies was misspelt with an c in place of the second s.



  6. SlavexMasochirella
    Jun 20, 2013 @ 17:22:58

    This was fun to read. Thank you very much for translating it.

    I know this is a very stupid question but are you a Lucky Dog 1 fan by any chance? Who’s your favorite character?



    • terracannon876
      Jun 20, 2013 @ 17:25:55

      Haha, I wouldn’t be able to do this by myself if I weren’t a fan. I’d have burnt out a long time ago.

      Favorite chara is Gian, but I suppose saying that is kind of cheating since everyone likes Gian XD

      The others I like about the same. They’re all so different yet so rounded. To be honest I’m a bit scared of all of them in some way ^^; But they are charming in their own way as well and each of their stories have their own quirks.



      • SlavexMasochirella
        Jun 21, 2013 @ 18:33:33

        It’s not cheating. I like Gian too. I think he’s cool. = )

        It’s hard to choose who’s my favorite character in Lucky Dog 1 since they are so cool in their own way. So far, I’m liking each of the characters stories since I’m reading them in your Blog. The game seems to be be written well. It feels like I’m reading a play. I can vision everything well. lol Sorry for rambling on like that. I’m just amazed how the Lucky Dog 1 story is entertaining me. I love reading it.



        • terracannon876
          Jun 21, 2013 @ 18:50:53

          I’m always happy to write or aid in the writing of rambles about Lucky Dog 😉

          I say it’s cheating because he’s a rather obvious choice XD Almost everyone who’s played the game agree that he’s their favorite character.

          I do love how everyone is very unique and different. Also interestingly, they may fit into classic stereotypes in visual novels or games or anime, but they are all slightly breaking the archetype. But yes, the reason I love this game is because of the amazing characters and the thought the creators put into them.

          Is this your first visual novel? Which route(s) have you read?



          • SlavexMasochirella
            Jun 22, 2013 @ 19:43:57

            That is true. I guess Gian is a contagious character. lol

            What do you mean by “visual novel”? Sorry for asking such a stupid question.

            The routes I’m reading right now are Bernardo’s Route and Gulio’s Route. I like both of their routes so far. = )



            • terracannon876
              Jun 22, 2013 @ 21:15:12

              Visual novels are a genre of game. Usually they’re Japanese. Like what they sound like, they’re basically games where you read a LOT (like a novel) and you have accompanying pictures and voice acting (sometimes) and sound. Often, you make choices and decide on the course of the game (like in a choose-your-adventure book), and most often you pair off with one of the other characters in the game. Visual novels tend to be more daring than other games and often venture into the R-18 (NSFW) genre (they can be straight, yuri/fxf, or yaoi/mxm) and can be very sketchy ^^; Other times, visual novels combine some gameplay such as point-click to investigate your surroundings like in Ace Attorney on DS (or iOS) or even RPG elements like in Angel Feather.

              This is how I see visual novels as, so it might not match up with the wiki entry XD But I hope this answers your question.

              Lucky Dog 1 is a visual novel.



  7. Lehst
    Oct 04, 2013 @ 16:23:32

    This is simply amazing. The fact that you’ve done so much translating makes me want to try the game. I was originally looking at Gift’s website (the company that makes anime goods, especially plush) and I was wondering what one of them was from.

    Thanks to your blog I’ve become more familiar with the group that made Lucky Dog 1. I’ve actually played one of their games before, but it was so ridiculously long ago, and I didn’t do much research back then (certainly didn’t attempt browsing Japanese sites either, lol). Kind of feels cathartic XD.



  8. vash
    Jun 07, 2014 @ 03:44:46

    I finally, finally downloaded Lucky Dog 1 in order to play along with this translation. I’ve already read it twice, and so actually accomplishing the download–I’m unbelievably happy. I just wanted to give my thanks, I appreciate this so much!! This translation means the world to me, and it’s because of you that it exists. Thank you so much.



  9. Zokushi
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 02:19:02

    So, random question here. If you play all 4 routes will you know to whom the voices in the prologue belong?

    If it were in English and I’d heard the voices during game play I’d probably recognize it if it were familiar, but being in Japanese … mmmm how to describe it. Haaah … like owning a littler of kittens that are all similar but not the same. The owner definitely can tell them apart, but a visitor, even fairly frequent, wouldn’t notice the differences without really paying attention. Does that even make sense?

    Anyway, the main thing I was trying to say was: Are the voices related to villains/characters you should recognize after playing the game or just random bad guys?



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