Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Ivan Route 18

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Guards Visit 2

Gian: Joshua!
Joshua: Gian!  Thanks for last time.  It’s because of you I managed to find Lloyd.

Oh right, I told him where Lloyd was, right?

Gian: Did he make it on time for his shift after that?
Joshua: Just barely!

In a perfect example of “speak of the devil,” Lloyd’s heading this way.

Lloyd: What are you two talking about alone?
Joshua: We were just talking about you, actually.
Lloyd: Hmm?

Completely uninterested, Lloyd nods.

Gian: …Hey, Joshua.  In return for last time, can you hear me out on an itsy bitsy favor?
Joshua: Huh?  A-Alcohol’s out!  At the most, cigarettes, maybe…
Gian: ’s not an object.  The furthest room, the first floor.  Room 16.  Can you tell me about the guy there?
Joshua: …Why?

He frowns at me a bit warily.

Gian: This guy who wants to know didn’t say anything.  Just anything in general, like what the guy wants, what he’s sore about.  I dunno why either.  It’s something someone else asked me for.

It’s a lie.  I’m the one who wants the information.  But I have no intention of leaving a trail of what I’m thinking behind.

Joshua: He doesn’t especially have any unusual history.  He’s only in for theft…  His name’s Owen.
Joshua: I don’t think he really wants anything…  The thing he wants most is probably just to safely live out his sentence and leave this place.  It seems like he has a family waiting outside.


Room 16 is an especially important place for one of my escape plans.  I wanted to get the dig on the current inhabitant without alerting any of the other prisoners.

I chat away with Joshua for a bit and hear a number of things.

Gian: Is that sooo…  Well then, I’ll just pass this on to the guy who asked.  Thanks a bunch!

Joshua gives a wan smile.  It’s not like he’s told me anything problematic, but his conscience’s probably giving him a mental beating for leaking information about other inmates.  He’s a serious guy.

I give a smile, too, saying “I got enough,” before leaving Lloyd and Joshua, who’ve struck up a conversation about something else.

On my way, I pound the information I got from Joshua into my head.

The man in room 16 is called Owen.  His greatest wish is to reunite with his family after finishing his sentence without a hitch.  He’s especially concerned about his daughter Elena.

Actually coming face to face with Owen’ll be a critical moment in one of the escape plans.  I hope this information’ll come in handy for when that time comes.

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  1. terracannon876
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 16:14:02

    never mind about the other reply’s ‘too many spaces’ thing. I get it. I had to look in my original to see what you were talking about, though.
    This one, and the other one, are fixed.

    Diligent, aren’t you?

    Another curious question … how did you find this site? Did you Google it or did you find it by recommendation? I haven’t advertised this anywhere yet, so I’m just wondering.



  2. Li
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 16:33:52

    Googling, of course. Speaking of being diligent… where did I put that post again? The one about reading this over and over? And what about the password thing? (I didn’t find that post back either… Hmmm…) That’s a drawback when posts are being deleted, you just can’t find them back.



    • terracannon876
      Jan 14, 2012 @ 16:37:18

      Odd. I tried to google my own site and it didn’t work, lol.

      Your comment (both topics) was on 02-07. It’s still there.

      Speaking of which, the entire password thing was removed. You don’t have to worry about that anymore.

      Tell me if/when you finish checking the corrections, so I can delete that post? Thanks.



      • Li
        Jan 14, 2012 @ 17:04:39

        I found it to be quite a handy idea. Too bad it didn’t work out the way we’d like. I’m only having this tiny thought in my mind saying that there’s code that removes all that’s been input once you leave the page. But that’s probably because I’m currently studying to be an IT specialist… Besides, I am not specialised in this stuff… yet.

        I searched for ‘LD1 translate’, went through many pages and somehow would up here. I looked around for a bit, and once I figured out I don’t need to register (I dislike making an account when I’m not sure how much time I’m going to spend using it), I started posting. The rest is known history, I guess.



  3. Kuroneko
    Mar 22, 2013 @ 08:41:36

    GOD I want to know how to get the Lloyd scene Y.Y



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